Lines or play balls

Now, probably, it is difficult to meet a person who has never played, or at least does not know what the game Lines is. Everyone calls this game differently: lines, balls, lines – however, the essence of the game remains the same. The first version of the lines appeared 15 years ago, in 1992, and was written under DOS. Its authors were the developers of the company GAMOS, which released computer games, but among them, the game of the line was a huge success.

Lines game looked like this: the playing field, on which there were balls of different colors. The player must move them in such a way that they become in a row, after which, 5 or more balls of the same color standing in a row are removed, and for this line, a certain amount of points are awarded. If the move was made, but the line was not removed, because it lacked the required number of balls – three more balls were added to the field, thus blocking the playing field. In the design of the first game, there was a peculiar idea: on both sides of the playing field there were two columns, one of which rose depending on the number of points scored. There was almost no musical accompaniment. Some DOS sounds were used.

Over time, the game balls received many variations. There were lines with different thematic design, changes in the rules, flash game lines , which is not only convenient to use, but also diverse. Online balls do not require downloads, they are simply loaded in the browser, which allows not to waste time on installation or additional settings of the game.

Now find and download free line is not difficult. There are a lot of available versions. You just choose a game, and in a few minutes it’s in your computer.

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